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Performers needed: The First Ever Summer English Language Studies Variety Show

Calling all performers:
Caught the theater bug? Want to sing for a crowd, not just in the shower? Proud of a story, poem or essay you crafted as part of your summer ESL class? Want to practice before posting  your performance on YouTube? Sign up to perform in the first Summer ESL Variety Show!



de Young Museum Summer of Love Experience!

Summer of Love - deYoung Museum infoSummer of Love - deYoung Museum info 2


Come join us for the Summer of Love experience this Friday, July 21! Here’s more information about what to wear, what to bring, etc. Remember to bring your student ID and at least $16 in cash!

Hope to see you there!!

Major League Baseball Game

Updated giants poster for BW_2017_07.10.17

American tradition 148 years and counting….come watch some major league baseball between SF Giants and San Diego Padres.

More tickets are now available — Visit 112W Hearst Gym between 12:00 and 5:00 pm to buy tickets before we sell out! Tickets are $20.  Please bring exact change.

Summer of Love Concert

Come join us for the Summer of Love and Friday Nights concert at the de Young Museum on Friday 7/21!

Explore memories of 1960s San Francisco culture, art, fashion, and rock and roll music.

12 dollars for students with student ID card, come to 112W Hearst Gym to sign up!





Join us for a stroll through historic Berkeley this coming THURSDAY, JULY 13, 2017.

Interested in experiencing what Berkeley has to offer? Join us for a stroll through historic Berkeley this coming THURSDAY, JULY 13, 2017 from 7pm to 10pm!

We will be making stops at Berkeley’s historic parks and stopping for delicious coffee and italian sodas.

Please stop by Hearst Gym 112 to sign up for this event! ONLY OPEN TO THE FIRST 12 PEOPLE!

Please meet us at Hearst Gym 112 on the day of the event.

Need permission to add a Summer ESL course?

Come to 112W Hearst Gym to add/drop.

We are open 10:00am-3:00pm on Friday, 07 July.

And next week, Monday-Thursday from 8:30am-5:30pm.

Looking for somewhere to grab your first meal in Berkeley?



Where is our office?

Welcome to our 2017 Students!

Have a question?

Need to learn your placement results?

Still need to take the exam?

Need to change a course?


You can find us here:




Summer 2017 students: Have you taken the placement exam yet?

Students whose classes start 03 July:  You can still take the exam! Go to

Who should take this exam?

  •    All students enrolled in Colwrit 5, 6, 8, or 9 courses for Summer 2017

What is the purpose of this exam?

  • This is a placement exam. This is not an entrance exam.  You do not need to reach a specific score in order to enroll in the Summer English Language Studies courses.
  • You do not pass or fail this exam.
  • Its purpose is to help us place you in the best class for your English ability.
  • For this reason, do the exam without any help from others or from books or websites.

How can students access the exam?

  • The exam is available at
  • You will need your current Calnet ID and passphrase to access and take the exam.

Questions or problems?

Did you know? — “Berkeley Time”

Did you know that, at Berkeley, classes start 10 minutes after their scheduled times?

Known as “Berkeley time,” this time serves as a buffer zone for students with back-to-back classes.

For example, if your schedule says you have

Class A from 9:00–11:30AM
Class B from 11:30AM–2:00PM

don’t worry!

Class A will start at 9:10 and end at 11:30, and
Class B will start at 11:40 and end at 2:00,
giving you 10 minutes to travel from class A to B.

Similarly, if your schedule says you have

Class B from 11:30AM–2:00PM
Class C from 2:00–4:30PM,

Class C will not start until 2:10, so you can in fact take those two classes back to back.