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W3D. Legal English: Introduction to the U.S. Legal System – Online

Colwrit W3D. Legal English: Introduction to the U.S. Legal System – Online

2 units, P/NP

This course aims to help students practice the English language specific to American law, gain an understanding of the legal context in which English is being used, and ground students in the discourse of law to the extent their professional goals or interests warrant. These goals are achieved through a focus on the U.S. legal system and specific types of law as illustrated through sample cases. The course will be useful to students currently working as legal professionals in their own countries; those who are planning to study or practice law in the United States; and anyone curious about how the law works in the U.S. and wanting to learn language related to it.

Note: This course does not require students to be in the Berkeley-area during the course. Students with internet access may enroll and participate in the course wherever suits them.