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High School Students

The Summer English Language Studies Program is excited to offer courses for high school students beginning the summer of 2017!  Students will be able to enhance their English language skills while undertaking university-style work and planning for life after high school.  Come experience everything that Berkeley’s vibrant campus and city has to offer.

Visiting international students will enroll in our program via the Pre-Collegiate Program offered by Berkeley’s Summer Sessions.  Since the UC Berkeley’s Pre-Collegiate Program does not include local housing, international students may wish to look into the residential programs offered by our partner agencies Education Unlimited or Sesame Consulting.  Please visit the websites for the Pre-Collegiate Program and/or the residential programs for more information.

As listed on the Pre-Collegiate Program’s website, benefits the program provides to high school students include:

  • The addition of Berkeley Summer Sessions on your college application
  • A personal letter of commendation from the Dean of Summer Sessions, Study Abroad, and Lifelong Learning for passing grades upon email request.
  • Earn a Berkeley transcript that can be requested from the UC Berkeley’s Office of the Registrar
  • College credit that may be transferable to another college program*
  • An orientation and campus tour for accepted students and parents
  • Seminars on writing a successful college application, college exploration, and more
  • A designated adviser in Summer Sessions
  • Co-curricular activities to introduce you to the campus and its services
  • Eligibility for membership in the California Alumni Association (for a fee)

*Acceptance of transfer credit is always at the discretion of the accepting institution. 


For Summer 2017, we are happy to open the following courses for high school students*.  Please note that all of the following courses require that students take an online placement exam during June so that we may place them in a level that best meets their language needs.  For more information about the placement exam, please visit our page here.


Colwrit 5D: English through Literature

Colwrit 5I: Television, Culture, and Communication

ColWrit 6C: Business Vocabulary

ColWrit 6E: Grammar and Editing

ColWrit 6F: Listening and Speaking

ColWrit 6J: Academic Test Preparation

ColWrit 6K: Academic Reading and Writing for College Preparation

Colwrit 7B: The Beat Poets of 1950’s San Francisco

Colwrit 7E: English and the Environment (Section 2 only)

ColWrit 8: English for Academic and Professional Purposes

Colwrit 9C: Academic Writing

ColWrit 9E: Business English

Colwrit 9F: Business Speaking

ColWrit 9J: Grammar and Academic Writing Style

ColWrit 9R: English for Academic and Public Speaking

ColWrit 9S: Pronunciation 

ColWrit 9V: English for Science and Engineering


We are also offering these additional courses available online:

ColWrit W9: Business in the Digital Age

ColWrit W9: Academic Writing

ColWrit W9: Listening/Speaking

*Please note that course availability is subject to change based on student enrollment.