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W9: 004. Grammar and Vocabulary for Academic Writing

Colwrit/ESL W9 (Online, Pass/No Pass only)

2 units

Section 4: Grammar and Vocabulary for Academic Writing

Develop your knowledge and use of academic language in meeting the demands of university-level writing assignments! In this course, students will explore best practices for building grammar and vocabulary knowledge in academic English. Through practice and feedback, this course introduces students to resources for grammar and vocabulary development and helps them improve their academic vocabulary, knowledge of grammar rules, editing and proofreading strategies, and sentence structure and variety.

In this course, you will

  1. assess your strengths and weaknesses in grammar, editing, and vocabulary;
  2. review pertinent grammar rules and self-editing strategies;
  3. become aware of paper and online resources for developing academic language proficiency and ways to use these resources effectively;
  4. practice strategies for crafting the vocabulary-grammar structures needed for academic writing;
  5. become familiar with vocabulary used for particular academic discourse functions such as showing relationships, expressing stance, focusing information, and creating cohesion;
  6. work on increasing sentence style and variety;
  7. learn vocabulary and strategies needed for summarizing and paraphrasing information from written sources;
  8. apply vocabulary, structures, and strategies to your own academic writing.

Note: This course does not require students to be in the Berkeley-area during the course. Students with internet access may enroll and participate in the course wherever suits them.