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W9: 001. Business English for the Digital Age

Colwrit/ESL W9 (Online, Pass/No Pass only)

2 units

Section 1: Business English for the Digital Age

The two goals of this course are to improve your ability to communicate effectively in a professional environment using business English and to become comfortable using the digital media currently being used to do business in the global economy. In this class students will participate in two group conference calls, hold an online meeting, watch and respond to videos on a number of business topics; read and respond to business articles; learn business-related jargon and idioms; write appropriate business email; and find, apply, and interview for a job online. We will focus on the following areas:

• Cross-Cultural Communication
• Web Conferencing
• Email Etiquette
• Job Searching and Interviewing
• Web Meetings
• Business Jargon/Idioms

Note: This course does not require students to be in the Berkeley-area during the course. Students with internet access may enroll and participate in the course wherever suits them.