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9N. Legal English and U.S. Law

ColWrit 9N. Legal English and U.S. Law 

3 units

This course offers an introduction to the foundations of the American legal system, and an opportunity for intensive English practice. Students will become familiar with the federal and state court systems, judge and jury trials, the case law method, and selected areas of law based on student interest (e.g., contracts, constitutional law, criminal law, torts). Students will also practice new vocabulary and idioms; read and analyze judges’ decisions; organize, write and edit legal arguments; give oral presentations; and participate in formal and informal discussions and role-plays. The course also includes a fieldwork component in which students attend a court hearing or trial. Suitable for intermediate through advanced ESL students, this course is of special interest to business and legal professionals and students, including LL.M. students who wish to prepare for the fall semester at U.S. law schools.

Please note, students enrolling in Colwrit/ESL 9N course must take an online placement exam.