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College Writing 7. English Language Studies: American Language and Culture

Colwrit/ESL 7: English Language Studies: American Language and Culture

Three-week Session: 16 July – 03 August 2018

Would you like to enhance your language skills and knowledge of American culture? In each course in this series, students gain an understanding of U.S. culture through reading, note-taking, discussion, writing, and fieldwork. Each course focuses on a particular aspect of American popular culture as well as its historical roots and examines film, fiction, and nonfiction readings. Suitable for non-native speakers of English only.

  • Units: 1 Unit
  • Prerequisites: None
  • Grades: This course may be taken Pass/No Pass only.
  • 2018 Course Fees: To be announced. Please see the Berkeley Summer registration fees page for further details.
  • Course may be repeated for credit.


7A: American Language and Culture: The Media

7B: English Language and Culture: The Beat Poets of 1950’s San Francisco

7D: English Language Studies: Food Culture in the U.S.

7E: American Language and Culture: The Environment

7G: American Language and Culture: Community Building, Engagement, and Transformation

 7J: American Language and Culture: California Culture

 7K: American Language and Culture: Humor