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College Writing 6. Intensive Practice in English as a Second Language

Colwrit/ESL 6: Intensive Practice in English as a Second Language

Three-week Session: 23 July – 10 August 2018

This set of courses provides students intensive practice in specific language skills, such as spoken English for academic or business purposes, writing personal essays and statements of purpose for colleges/universities, grammar and vocabulary for written English, and more.  Students will be placed in the proper level of each course by taking an examination. This examination is available online beginning 02 June 2017. Suitable for non-native speakers of English only.

Each section of Colwrit/ESL 6 deals with a different topic area. Please choose the topic you wish to study.

  • Units: 2 Units
  • Prerequisites: All students must complete the online placement exam after registering and before classes start.  Please see our Placement Exam page for more information.
  • Grades: This course may be taken Pass/No Pass or for a letter grade.
  • 2018 Course Fees: To be announced. Please see the Berkeley Summer registration fees page for further details.
  • Course may be repeated for credit.


6A: Intensive English Practice: Academic Speaking

6B: Intensive English Practice: Academic Vocabulary

6C: Intensive English Practice: Business Vocabulary

6E: Intensive English Practice: Grammar and Editing

6F: Intensive English Practice: Listening and Speaking

6G: Intensive English Practice: Writing for Digital Media

6H: Intensive English Practice: Writing Creative Non-Fiction

6I: Intensive English Practice: Conflict Resolution Skills

6J: Intensive English Practice: Academic Test Preparation

6K: Intensive English Practice: Academic Reading and Writing