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College Writing 5. English through Media and Culture

Colwrit/ESL 5: English through Media and Culture

Six-week Session: 02 July – 10 August 2018

Want to focus your language study on American culture and media? Colwrit 5 courses provide practice in all skill areas–reading, writing, listening, and speaking–while engaging students in content-rich texts and discussions. Students participate in field trips and fieldwork assignments to increase interaction with native speakers and use their English in conversation. Past events have included trips to theater shows, museum tours, visits to local organizations, lectures by famous Berkeley locals, and more.

  • Units: 3 Units (includes fieldwork component)
  • Prerequisites: All students must complete the online placement exam after registering and before classes start.  Please see our Placement Exam page for more information.
  • Grades: This course may be taken Pass/No Pass or for a letter grade.
  • 2018 Course Fees: To be announced. Please see the Berkeley Summer registration fees page for further details.
  • Course may be repeated for credit.


5A. English Language Studies: Broadway Musicals

5C. English Language Studies: Film

5D. English Language Studies: Literature

5E. English Language Studies: Popular Music

5F. English Language Studies: International Human Rights

5H. English Language Studies: Sustainability and Environment Issues

5I. English Language Studies: Television

5K: English Language Studies: The Media