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We offer several different courses appropriate for multilingual students wanting to improve their academic or professional English.

  • All courses are open to both undergraduate and graduate students, visiting or matriculated.
  • All courses are offered for university credit.
  • Enrollment for all courses is 18-20 students/section, except Colwrit 7 (up to 25 students/section)
  • Online (W9) and American studies (7) courses may be taken only on a Pass/Fail basis.
  • Course levels begin at low-intermediate. We do not offer courses for beginning-level ESL students.
  • High school students: If you would like to visit California and take summer ESL classes, you are welcome to register for UC Berkeley’s Pre-Collegiate program. And please visit our page listing courses open to high school students.


Session D: 02 July – 10 August, 2018

Session E: 16 July – 03 August, 2018

  • To sort courses, click on the appropriate column header.
  • To learn more about each course, click on the course number.
  • To apply and register for summer sessions courses, visit the Summer Sessions registration page.

** Please note that class enrollment schedules will not reflect “Berkeley time” start times — there are always 10 minutes between classes for travel time.

CW 5A1English through Broadway MusicalsTBA3TBAD
CW 5C1English through FilmTBA3TBAD
CW 5D1English through LiteratureTBA3TBAD
CW 5E1English through Popular MusicTBA3TBAD
CW 5F1English, Research, and Human RightsTBA3TBAD
CW 5G1English, Research, and Multicultural CaliforniaTBA3TBAD
CW 5H1English, Research, and SustainabilityTBA3TBAD
CW 5I1Television, Culture, and CommunicationTBA3TBAD
CW 5K1Culture, Communication, and the MediaTBA3TBAD
CW 6A1Intensive English Practice: Academic SpeakingTBA2TBAE
CW 6B1Intensive English Practice: Academic VocabularyTBA2TBAE
CW 6C1Intensive English Practice: Business VocabularyTBA2TBAE
CW 6E1Intensive English Practice: Grammar and EditingTBA2TBAE
CW 6F1Intensive English Practice: Listening and SpeakingTBA2TBAE
CW 6G1Intensive English Practice: Writing for New MediaTBA2TBAE
CW 6H1Intensive English Practice: Writing Creative Non-fictionTBA2TBAE
CW 6I1Intensive English Practice: Conflict Resolution SkillsTBA2TBAE
CW 6J1Intensive English Practice: Academic Test PreparationTBA2TBAE
CW 6K1Intensive English Practice: Academic Reading and WritingTBA2TBAE
CW 7A1American Language and Culture: The MediaTBA1TBAE
CW 7D1English Language Studies: Food Culture in the U.S.TBA1TBAE
CW 7E1American Language and Culture: The EnvironmentTBA1TBAE
CW 7G1American Language and Culture: Community Building, Engagement, and TransformationTBA1TBAE
CW 7J1American Language and Culture: California CultureTBA1TBAE
CW 7K1American Language and Culture: HumorTBA1TBAE
CW 81-7English for Academic and Professional PurposesTBA4TBAD
CW W91English for Specific Purposes Online: Business English in the Digital AgeUNSCHED INTERNET2TBAD
CW W93English for Specific Purposes Online: Listening/SpeakingUNSCHED INTERNET2TBAD
CW 9A1Academic ResearchTBA3TBAD
CW 9B1Academic Vocabulary for Multilingual StudentsTBA3TBAD
CW 9C1Academic Writing for Multilingual StudentsTBA3TBAD
CW 9E1Business English for Multilingual StudentsTBA3TBAD
CW 9F1Business Speaking for Multilingual StudentsTBA3TBAD
CW 9I1Conflict Resolution Communication Skills for Multilingual StudentsTBA3TBAD
CW 9J1English Grammar and Academic Writing Style for Multilingual StudentsTBA3TBAD
CW 9N1Legal English and U.S. Law for Multilingual StudentsTBA3TBAD
CW 9O1Legal Writing for Multilingual StudentsTBA3TBAD
CW 9R1Academic and Public Speaking for Multilingual StudentsTBA3TBAD
CW 9S1Pronunciation for Multilingual StudentsTBA3TBAD
CW 9V1Science and Engineering English for Multilingual StudentsTBA3TBAD
CW 9W1Speech and Debate for Multilingual StudentsTBA3TBAD
CW 9Y1Creative Writing for Multilingual StudentsTBA3TBAD