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Complete Course List

    • All courses are open to both undergraduate and graduate students, visiting or matriculated.
    • All courses are offered for university credit.
    • Enrollment for all courses is 18-20 students/section, except Colwrit 7 (up to 25 students/section)
    • Online (W3) and American studies (7) courses may be taken only on a Pass/Fail basis.
    • Course levels begin at low-intermediate. We do not offer courses for beginning-level ESL students.
    • High school students: If you would like to visit California and take summer ESL classes, you are welcome to register for UC Berkeley’s Pre-Collegiate program. And please visit our page listing courses open to high school students.


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  • To learn more about each course, click on the course number.
  • To apply and register for summer sessions courses, visit the Summer Sessions registration page.

** Please note that class enrollment schedules will not reflect “Berkeley time” start times — there are always 10 minutes between classes for travel time.

Additional course information will be released in mid-December, subject to change if necessary.

CW 5A1Broadway MusicalsMW 9:30-11:593D
CW 5A2Broadway MusicalsMW 2:00-4:293D
CW 5C1Film TuTh 2:00-4:293D
CW 5D1LiteratureMW 2:00-4:293D
CW 5D2LiteratureTuTh 2:00-4:293D
CW 5E1Popular MusicMW 2:00-4:293D
CW 5E2Popular MusicTuTh 2:00-4:293D
CW 5F1International Human RightsTuTh 9:30-11:593D
CW 5F2International Human RightsMW 2:00-4:293D
CW 5I1TelevisionTuTh 2:00-4:293D
CW 5I2TelevisionMW 2:00-4:293D
CW 5K1MediaTuTh 9:30-11:593D
CW 5L1English, Research, and Environmental IssuesTuTh 2:00-4:293D
CW 6A1Academic SpeakingMTWTh 9:30-11:592E
CW 6B1Academic VocabularyMTWTh 9:30-11:592E
CW 6C1Business VocabularyMTWTh 2:00-4:292E
CW 6F1Listening and SpeakingMTWTh 2:00-4:292E
CW 6G1Writing for Digital MediaMTWTh 9:30-11:592E
CW 6H1Writing Creative Non-FictionMTWTh 2:00-4:292E
CW 6I1Conflict Resolution SkillsMTWTh 9:30-11:592E
CW 6J1Academic Test PreparationMTWTh 2:00-4:302E
CW 6K1Academic Reading and WritingMTWTh 2:00-4:292E
CW 6L1Job Search & NetworkingMTWTh 9:30-11:592E
CW 6M1U.S. University Admissions & ExpectationsMTWTh 9:30-11:592E
CW 6M2U.S. University Admissions & ExpectationsMTWTh 2:00-4:292E
CW 6N1Art & DesignMTWTh 2:00-4:292E
CW 6P1Pronunciation SkillsMTWTh 9:30-11:592E
CW 7A1MediaMW 2:00-4:291E
CW 7A2MediaTuTh 2:00-4:291E
CW 7B1The Beat Poets of 1950's San FranciscoMW 2:00-4:291E
CW 7B2The Beat Poets of 1950's San FranciscoTuTh 2:00-4:291E
CW 7C1Business and Social EntrepreneurshipTuTh 2:00-4:291E
CW 7C2Business and Social EntrepreneurshipMW 2:00-4:291E
CW 7D1Food Culture in the U.S.MW 9:30-11:591E
CW 7D2Food Culture in the U.S.TuTh 9:30-11:591E
CW 7E1EnvironmentMW 9:30-11:591E
CW 7E2EnvironmentMW 2:00-4:291E
CW 7G1Community Building, Engagement, and TransformationTuTh 9:30-11:591E
CW 7G2Community Building, Engagement, and TransformationTuTh 2:00-4:291E
CW 7J1California CultureTuTh 9:30-11:591E
CW 7J2California CultureTuTh 2:00-4:291E
CW 7K1HumorMW 9:30-11:591E
CW 7K2HumorMW 2:00-4:291E
CW 7M1StorytellingTuTh 9:30-11:591E
CW 7M2StorytellingTuTh 2:00-4:291E
CW 7N1Questioning the American DreamMW 9:30-11:591E
CW 7N2Questioning the American DreamMW 2:00-4:291E
CW 7Q1Traditional Healing Systems in CA Modern MedicineMW 9:30-11:591E
CW 81English for Academic and Professional Purposes: Integrated SkillsMTWTh 9:30-11:594D
CW 9A1Academic ResearchMW 9:30-11:593D
CW 9B1Academic VocabularyTuTh 2:00-4:293D
CW 9C1Academic WritingMW 2:00-4:293D
CW 9E1Business English MW 9:30-11:593D
CW 9F1Business Speaking MW 2:00-4:293D
CW 9I1Conflict Resolution Communication Skills TuTh 2:00-4:293D
CW 9J1Academic Language and Writing Style TuTh 9:30-11:593D
CW 9N1Legal English and U.S. LawTuTh 9:30-11:593D
CW 9N4Legal English and U.S. LawTuTh 2:00-4:293D
CW 9O1Legal WritingMW 9:30-11:593D
CW 9R1Academic and Public Speaking MW 2:00-4:293D
CW 9S1PronunciationMW 2:00-4:293D
CW 9V1Science and Engineering English TuTh 9:30-11:593D
CW 9V2Science and Engineering English TuTh 2:00-4:293D
CW 9Y1Creative Writing TuTh 9:30-11:593D
CW W3A1Academic Writing – OnlineUNSCHED INTERNET2D
CW W3B1Business English: Oral Communication – OnlineUNSCHED INTERNET2D
CW W3D1Legal English: Introduction to the U.S. Legal System – OnlineUNSCHED INTERNET2D
CW W3E1Legal English: Listening and Speaking - OnlineUNSCHED INTERNET2D
CW W3G1Grammar and Vocabulary - OnlineUNSCHED INTERNET2D
CW W3H1ESL Listening and Speaking - OnlineUNSCHED INTERNET2D