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2015 Placement Exam is now available

The 2015 placement exam is now open and available for all students enrolled in COLWRIT 6, 8, and/or 9.  You can access it from any computer (not tablet or mobile device), anywhere, by following this link.

For more information, please see our Placement Exam page.

UC Berkeley and Visiting Students not needing a Visa — Six-Week courses still available

UC Berkeley and non-visa visiting students can register for courses in our six-week program through the end of June. To register, visit

The following classes are still open:

CW 8 ESL: All skills MTWTh 9:30-12:00 4 units CCN 27155
CW 9B Academic Vocabulary MW 2:00-4:30 3 units CCN: 27230
CW 9C Academic Writing MW 2:00-4:30 3 units CCN 27245 CCN 27250
CW 9D Broadway Musicals MW 2:00-4:30 3 units CCN 27255
CW 9E Business English TuTh 2:00-4:30 3 units CCN 27275
CW 9F Business Speaking MW 2:00-4:30 3 units CCN 27295
CW 9H English, Research & Multicult’l California TuTh 2:00-4:30 3 units CCN 27300
CW 9J Grammar & Academic Writing Style TuTh 2:00-4:30 3 units CCN 27315
CW9N Legal English and US Law MW 9:00-12:00 3 units CCN 27368
CW9O Legal Writing TuTh 9:00-12:00 3 units CCN 27375
CW 9Q English through Drama TuTh 2:00-4:30 3 units CCN 27385
CW 9L English through Film TuTh 2:00-4:30 3 units CCN 27340 CCN 27345
CW 9R Oral Presentation TuTh 2:00-4:30 3 units CCN 27395 CCN 27400
CW 9W English through Speech and Debate MW 2:00-4:30 3 units CCN 27460

Courses still available for 27 July – 14 August

Information about our three-week courses can be found on the UC Berkeley Online Schedule.

Courses currently open for enrollment:

Colwrit 6F: Listening and Speaking, 2 units, MTWTh 2:00-4:30 pm

Colwrit 7A: American Culture through the Media, 1 unit P/NP, MW 2:00-5:00 pm or TTh 9:00-12:00

Colwrit 7B: The Beat Generation,  1 unit P/NP, MW 2:00-5:00 pm or TTh 2:00-5:00 pm

Colwrit 7E: Language, Culture, and Environmental Issues in the U.S.,  1 unit P/NP, MW 9:00-12:00 or TTh 9:00-12:00

Colwrit 7G: City and Community, 1 unit P/NP, MW 9:00-12:00 or TTh 9:00-12:00

Colwrit 7J: California Culture,  1 unit P/NP, MW 2:00-5:00 pm

Colwrit 7L: American Language and Culture: Sports and Games, 1 unit P/NP, TTh 2:00-5:00 pm

Summer Courses: Spotlight on American Culture and the Arts

We still have space in several summer courses focusing on the arts and American culture.  All courses focus on reading, writing, listening, and speaking.

9D: American Culture: Broadway Musicals

6 July – 14 August, Mon/Wed 2:00-4:30 pm, 3 units, CCN 27255

Do you love the theater? In this course, you will watch Broadway musicals to improve your vocabulary, listening comprehension, note-taking, and oral communication.  Students will also enhance their understanding of American History from the 19th Century to the present. Students will view musicals (video and live), learn about their plot, songs, lyrics and historical context; write critiques; and work on oral presentations. Suitable for low-intermediate through advanced students.

9Q: English through Drama

6 July – 14 August, Tues/Thurs 2:00-4:30 pm, 3 units, CCN 27385

One of the best ways to work on your pronunciation is to perform plays.  And one of the best ways to build vocabulary is to read and write — a lot.  Students will use plays, film, television, current events, controversial issues, and their own experience as source material to write and perform plays. Course activities include character, storyline, and dialogue exercises, as well as close reading, analysis, and written responses to academic readings. This is an excellent opportunity for students to learn academic conventions for writing, improve their critical/analytical reading skills, and enhance their oral skills. Suitable for intermediate through advanced ESL students..

7B: American Culture: The Beat Generation

27 July – 14 August, Mon/Wed 2:00-5:00 pm, 1 unit, Pass/No Pass, CCN 27095

The Beat Generation describes a group of American writers who became popular in the 1950s, and the cultural phenomena that they wrote about and inspired (later called “beatniks” and then “hippies”). “Beat” culture focuses on non-conformity, spontaneous creativity, experimentation with drugs and alternate forms of sexuality, and an interest in Eastern spirituality. In this course, students will discuss readings and films as well as visit local San Francisco “beat” locations. This course is of interest to students who want to improve their listening and reading skills and to learn about this unique aspect of American culture.

Summer 2015 Session Dates

Session D – Six-Week Session: July 6 – August 14

Session E – Three-Week Session: July 27- August 14

Registration and enrollment for visiting students begins on February 17, 2015

Picking up Your Certificate of Completion

Students who have ordered a certificate of completion can pick up their order on Wednesday, August 13 and Thursday, August 14 from 10:30am to 5:00 pm outside Wheeler Hall Room 112.

Certificate of Completion Order Deadline: Thursday, 7 August, 5 PM

If you would like to order a Certificate of Completion, please click the link below and follow the directions:
* your name must be in English alphabet

Visiting the Edible Schoolyard garden

Michelle Baptiste’s class visiting the gardens at The Edible Schoolyard Project.

photo (1)

Additional Weekend Events

Looking for something to do on Saturday or Sunday?

Art & Soul Festival in downtown Oakland:

Two sensational days of music, food, fun
and art in beautiful downtown Oakland

Sunday’s on Telegraph:

“In the summer from June through September, every Sunday, Telegraph Avenue becomes a car-free people zone stuffed full of musicians, dancers, artists, craftsmen, vendors and poets. People from all walks of life – locals, visitors, and students alike come out to enjoy the pleasant weather and festivities. Many UC Berkeley student groups participate in the fun and visitors get a chance to experience the breadth of culture Berkeley has to offer in the radius of a few blocks.”

Let’s Talk!

10562561_757255507650475_6385955649556354893_oWho: YOU! Visiting international students (SELS students only)

What: A safe environment where you can converse in English with peers (15 total) 

Friday Aug 1 [seats open = 15]
Monday Aug 4 [seats open = 15]
Wednesday Aug 6 [seats open = 15]
Friday Aug 8 [seats open = 15]
Monday Aug 11 [seats open = 15]
Wednesday Aug 13 [seats open = 15]
Friday Aug 15 [seats open = 15]

Where: 109 Wheeler Hall 12:30~2:00pm

Why: Because talking is a great way to befriend someone :]

1. Come to the work study table in front of 112 Wheeler to sign up (one student may sign up for a maximum of 3 times)
2. Remember the dates you signed up
3. Show up on the days you’ve signed up!

Hosted by Soomin (Ellie) – a work study student of 3 years in CWP/SELS, a recent UCB graduate, an immigrant, an awesome person (according to other people)