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Registered Summer Sessions students — Looking for an English language class?

We have spaces in the following courses starting on July 6:

  • CW 9B Academic Vocabulary, MW 2:00-4:30, 3 units, CCN 27230
  • CW 9C Academic Writing, MW 2:00-4:30, 3 units, CCN 27250
  • CW 9D Broadway Musicals, MW 2:00-4:30, 3 units, CCN 27255
  • CW 9E Business English, TuTh 2:00-4:30, 3 units, CCN 27275
  • CW 9F Business Speaking MW 2:00-4:30, 3 units, CCN 27295
  • CW 9H English, Research & Multicultural California; TuTh 2:00-4:30; 3 units; CCN 27300
  • CW9J Grammar & Academic Writing Style, TuTh 2:00-4:30, 3 units, CCN 27315
  • CW9N Legal English and US Law, MW 9:00-12:00, 3 units, CCN 27368
  • CW9O Legal Writing, TuTh 9:00-12:00, 3 units, CCN 27375
  • CW 9Q English through Drama, TuTh 2:00-4:30, 3 units, CCN 27385
  • CW 9L English through Film, TuTh 2:00-4:30, 3 units, CCN 27340
  • CW 9R Oral Presentation, TuTh 2:00-4:30, 3 units, CCN 27400

Please note, these courses are designed and designated for multilingual students.

Did you enroll in a Summer English course after June 25?

If so, please email us at and include your full name and the course you enrolled in.

We will set up an account so that you can take the placement exam.

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2015 Placement Exam is now available

The 2015 placement exam is now open and available for all students enrolled in COLWRIT 6, 8, and/or 9.  You can access it from any computer (not tablet or mobile device), anywhere, by following this link.

For more information, please see our Placement Exam page.